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Best Of Tomato Love

Garden Going Great – 2016

My Tomato Year In Review

My Tomato Year In Review – Quick video of my 2015 year in the tomato garden. Starting in the greenhouse, to my truckload of mushroom manure compost, to companion planting, to lots and lots of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes, to delicious garden food, and finally to the end of year green manure cover crop. My cat takes a cameo too. See you this year in the garden.
-Guy Tomato

The Fruits Of My Search For The Perfect Tomato

The fruits of my search for the perfect tomato in 2015. Cherokee Purple, Amish Gold, Garden Peach, Big Beef, Indigo Cherry Drops, Indigo Goldberries, Pineapple Tomatillo, Tiren, Indigo Rose, Sun Gold.‬

First Summer Tomatoes

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