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My Tomato Year In Review

My Tomato Year In Review – Quick video of my 2015 year in the tomato garden. Starting in the greenhouse, to my truckload of mushroom manure compost, to companion planting, to lots and lots of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes, to delicious garden food, and finally to the end of year green manure cover crop. My cat takes a cameo too. See you this year in the garden.
-Guy Tomato

The Fruits Of My Search For The Perfect Tomato

The fruits of my search for the perfect tomato in 2015. Cherokee Purple, Amish Gold, Garden Peach, Big Beef, Indigo Cherry Drops, Indigo Goldberries, Pineapple Tomatillo, Tiren, Indigo Rose, Sun Gold.‬

First Summer Tomatoes

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From Compost To Tomatoes

This quick video documents my tomato garden setup this year. Great garden soil can be the “secret sauce” to any successful garden. My soil desperately needed some amendments, so I tilled in a partial truckload of Mushroom Manure Compost.

After planting the tomatoes and other vegetables, I quickly put down straw and Cedar mulch chips around the plants. The mulch retards weeds and helps conserve/control moisture and root temperature – 3 huge benefits when growing tomatoes. The Cedar chips are also a natural pest repellent.

Next, I wanted to add some beneficial flowers and herbs to the layout to help repel bad bugs and pests as well as attract good bugs and pollinators. I grew many different marigolds from seed this year. Using a variety of flowers and herbs, I trimmed much of my garden with these beneficial garden helpers.

I utilize a variety of tomato staking methods based on need and available supplies. This year I added an additional tomato trellis system utilizing strong metal fence polls and garden string/wire. Very easy to just add strings of the coated wire as the plants grow.

In order to get more garden growing space and block out some of the weeds, I interspersed a mix of slow growing micro-mustard greens. Time to start eating salads!

-Guy Tomato

Mushroom Manure...A Quick Garden Hack

For a good, quick fix for poor garden soil, mix in a ton(s) of Mushroom Compost Manure. My garden soil nutrient level is constantly in need of replenishment. I haven’t exactly got the soil management down to a science yet. I have an unusually high clay level, and I can’t adequately rotate my crops due to limited prime garden space. This year, I ordered a small truck load of Mushroom Compost. The previous time I ordered the compost, it didn’t have any manure in the mixture.

Well, I guess they changed the recipe. Much to my pleasant aromatic surprise, this dumping truckload of Mushroom “Manure” not only washed over me like a steamy, hot, humid, stale Summer breeze, it also got on my shoes. I simply hauled the compost with a wheelbarrow and spread it out on the garden. Then, I tilled it in really well and was finished. This relatively quick garden hack can give your garden the “secret sauce” it needs to grow great produce.

Guy Tomato